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In cities of Italy - look for lodgings that are very close to historic piazzas, or for those in charming neighborhoods with easy access to the city center.
Aim to be able to walk to the sights from your hotel. If the city is particularly large, be no more than a cheap (under 12 euro) taxi ride away. That doesn’t just make sightseeing easier for you. It also makes it much more likely that, every time you leave your hotel and see the winding streets, hear church bells tolling, and pass through bustling flower and fruit markets, you’ll think, “Ah! I really am in Rome/Florence/Venice/Italy!”
In the countryside of Italy - consider staying in a “farm stay,” or agriturismo. These fantastic options let you experience the local area almost like, well, a local—what we’re all about here at Walks of Italy. (We’ll write more about agriturismi in a later post). At an agriturismo, you want to have a scenic area to stroll around. For convenience’s sake, you also should be able to reach a bus, train station, or car rental facility fairly easily, either by the owner offering a lift or arranging a driver to do so at a reasonable cost (less than 25 euro). If you’ve already got a rental car, that’s obviously not a problem.
When is a “hotel” not a “hotel?” Well, when it’s a B&B or an apartment! For most destinations, we prefer these: Currently, they’re the best value in Italy’s often-expensive accommodation market.
That said, B&B’s are not the steal they used to be (deals never seem to last for long!), but they do offer the traveler a much greater chance of being taken care of and appreciated. You’re much more likely to meet the owner (or the staff—who are often family members) and to feel that they care how you’re doing.

Types of accommodation in Italy
Hotel - As elsewhere, hotels in Italy are graded by stars, one (basic) to five (luxury).
You may notice discrepancies; some hotels turn down the chance of an extra star in order to pay less tax.
The Italian word for hotel is albergo, so if you're looking for the Hotel Roma and you see a sign for the Albergo Roma, you've found your goal.
A smaller, humbler establishment is often called a pensione.
Bed and breakfast - This isn't always the same as a homely UK B&B.
There will probably be a small number of rooms to rent, in what may be a private house or apartment.
Residence - These are serviced rooms or flats, often designed for long-term stays. Sometimes also categorised as 'town house suites'.
Apartments and villas These are self-contained dwellings that you can rent, usually for a minimum period of several nights (this may be negotiable).
Some are more fully equipped than others; check the web pages for details, and if in doubt, add a question to the space provided on the reservation form.
NB on the websites, the prices quoted are per night unless otherwise stated.
Is it safe to book over the internet?
Yes, it's now standard practice to book hotels online, and our partners who supply the booking technology will ensure the security of your reservation details.

When do I pay?
As usual, when you check out of the hotel.
You are asked for your credit card details only as insurance (check the cancellation deadline).
The only exception to this is for special non-refundable offers, and for some apartments, which may require a deposit to be paid in advance.
Where this is the case, it will be clearly stated.
As long as your accommodation takes credit cards, you can pay how you choose; you don't need to use the same card.
If you're staying in a humble small hotel or B&B, check whether you'll need to pay in cash.

Should I confirm with the hotel?
Most bookings are confirmed instantly, and you'll receive confirmation details as soon as you complete the booking process.
Theoretically your booking should be guaranteed as soon as you receive this confirmation from the hotel or booking service.
However, you may wish to call or email the hotel a few days before your arrival, just to double-confirm room details, dates etc.
This is a particularly good idea if you have any special requirements, or plan to arrive late at night.

Selected websites to find a great accommodation to stay in Italy

Hotel Booking by Home page
Italy hotel reservations from cheap to luxury Find your charming place in Italy and make your reservation for your hotel rooms in boutique or luxury vacation resorts.
Book online and pay at your arrival in Italy.
Best italian Bed and breakfast shared by region province and city bed and breakfast Italy bed&breakfast Italy
The booking com site has contracts directly with the hotels and that means you will not find lower prices anywhere in Italy.
Moreover, the hotel base is very large; the site is used by a large number of customers and is a provider you can trust.
Other sites that aim at attracting tourists might show lower prices, but beware: taxes may not be included in the price!
And when it comes time to pay, it will cost you more.
For this reason we advise you to use the well-proven booking com website.

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