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There is an infinite variety of accommodation in Italy: mountain monasteries, boutique hotels, youth hostels, self-catering villas, familyrun B&Bs and rural farmhouses. While rarely particularly cheap, standards are fairly reliable and accommodation is strictly regulated.

Find lodging to fit your vacation style in Italy, whether you're looking for five-star luxury or wallet-friendly boutique properties. Where to stay in Italy on a budget in Italy?

Affordable hotels in Italy
Cheap hotels in Italy are something you can find in every region at a variety of price points.
One way to find more affordable accommodation is to choose a lesser-known nearby city over a more popular one. For example, you could choose to stay in the small canal city of Treviso instead of Venice.
Or if you’re on the Amalfi Coast, stay in Sorrento instead of the more popular Salerno. To travel affordably, consider visiting cities and regions that are less famously touristy but equally beautiful.
Camping and glamping in Italy
The rise of agriturismo has had a secondary effect: more great places for camping and glamping. Thanks to Italy’s warm climate much of the year, this can be an attractive and fresh option to being in a new place. Pack your camping gear and set out by car or bicycle for a down-to-earth Italian holiday. There are many resources online that can help you map your perfect Italian camping adventure.
Tapping into the budget traveler network
Whether you’re a city traveler, or more inclined to explore the great outdoors, Italy’s budget accommodation options are abundant it simply requires a little research. Once you tap into the budget traveler circuit, other travelers you meet will share their stories and tips for great places to stay along the way. And before you know it, you’ll have an affordable place to stay for every stop on your Italian itinerary.

There is a good network of private and HI hostels throughout the country – from family-friendly institutions on the edge of large cities to sociable town-centre backpacker-focused options.
Rates at official HI hostels and private city-centre establishments in Italy for a dorm bed are low.
You can easily base a tour of the country around them, although for two people travelling together they don’t always represent a massive saving on the cheapest double hotel room.
If you’re travelling on your own, on the other hand, hostels are usually more sociable and can work out a lot cheaper; many have facilities such as inexpensive restaurants and self-catering kitchens that enable you to cut costs further.

Bed and Breakfast in Italy
B&Bs in Italy usually offer an authentic local experience.
It is a chance to interact a bit more with the locals, as owners are usually very hands-on and generally live on-site.
A number of historic palaces and buildings have been converted into B&Bs. B&Bs are often cheaper than hotels, so if you are on a budget, this can be a great option.

Agriturismo in Italy
Save on food and accommodation by staying at a farm-stayFarm-stays can be a great way to save on both accommodation and food
Stay in Italy’s agriturismo accomodations, these are “farm-stays,” where a family has accommodation for guests on their (usually gorgeous and scenic) farm, with the option of homecooked, farm-fresh meals included.
Some are rustic; some are luxurious; and all have the kind of character that you just can’t get at a place with a front desk.
One of the best ways to find agriturismi is to use Google maps.
(There are simply so many in Italy, no review or booking site could cover even a fraction of them, almost always without reading a single review first, without once having a negative experience).
Zoom into the region in Italy where you plan to be staying, then type “agriturismo” or “agriturismi” into the search bar.
When you click on those that pop up, many will have a website with photos that you can check out.

Don’t think that just because farming is part of the estate where you are staying that you will be put to work. On the contrary, you will be treated to amazing Italian hospitality with a local welcome and fresh, delicious food (breakfast is nearly always included, and other meals may be as well). Rooms and apartments for rent are generally nicely furnished and comfortable, and often include many amenities available at hotels.

Convent or Monastery stay in Italy
Another off-the-beaten-path way to experience Italian culture while saving money is to stay at a convent or monastery. They’re usually in beautiful, historic buildings; they can be in the heart of the city center, or out in the countryside; and you can’t get any more tranquil! Just make sure you read carefully.

Mountain refuges in Italy
If you’re planning on hiking and climbing, check out the rifugi network.
Most are fairly spartan, with bunks in unheated dorms, but their settings can be magnificent and usually leave you well placed to continue your hike the next day.
The word "rifugio" can be used for anything from a smart chalet-hotel to a snack bar at the top of a cable-car line.

Italian apartment to stay or villa in Italy - Villa and Apartment Rentals
Renting a short-term apartment can be one of the best choices for saving on expensive city accommodation, especially for families.
There are lots of options for renting homes or villas in the countryside, too.
The bonus, of course, is that you can get separate rooms under one roof for the whole family, plus you have a kitchen, so you can save money by cooking at home.

Renting a villa or apartment is probably the best way to truly “live like an Italian” when you’re visiting Italy. This is a great choice for travelers who are a bit more independent and don’t need the hand-holding of a hotel staff or concierge (though many rental agencies and owners are happy to help out with logistics).
A villa or apartment rental can actually be a very affordable option, especially if you are traveling with a larger group.

Save on hotels in Italy?
Be a little creative with your location.
We say this with hesitation, since there’s no better way to put a damper on your vacation than having to walk 10 minutes through a dicey-looking area each night to get to your hotel, or needing a long commute to the top sites.
Plus, it’s generally a good idea to pay for the place you’ve been imagining so if you’re excited about the winding streets of the historic center in Rome, don’t book a modern hotel in the business district.
It’s also important to keep transport in mind: In most italian cities, public transport is infrequent (or nonexistent) at night and taking lots of cabs negate the whole attempt to save money!

Hotels in Italy
The traditional choice when visiting any new place is a hotel. Italy has tens of thousands of choices all over the country, which come in all shapes and sizes from a small pensione to a seven-star hotel.
Most of Italy’s hotels are small, family-owned enterprises, but there are also outposts of American hotel groups like Hyatt, Hilton and Starwood.
Linens are changed daily in four- and five-star hotels.
Three-star hotels change their linens three times a week; two-stars, twice a week. One-star properties change linens at least once a week.
Nearly all hotels in Italy offer breakfast as part of the nightly room rate. Generally this includes a selection of pastries, bread, cheese, meats, yogurt and fruit.

How to save on travel costs while not cutting the fun and quality when in Italy?
By reducing the costs for accommodation to a minimum and keeping your money for the things that really make your Italy trip special.
A way of traveling that is very much in line with the philosophy to promote cross-cultural understanding, by allowing travelers to get a much closer look into the local culture and get a “feel” for the places they visit.







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Apartments in Italy
Resorts in Italy
Villas in Italy
B&B in Italy
Guest houses in Italy

allows guests to barter goods and services for their stay.
Under the motto “Barter instead of cash” listing B&Bs that work on the principle of barter all year round.
Instead of paying for their stay guests can trade almost anything from homemade marmalade or fresh pastries, over offering a wine tasting lesson, a photo reportage of the B&B, to doing small repair works or leaving a wall painting.

Hospitality Club aims to bring travelers in touch with people in the place they visit, and to give “locals” a chance to meet people from other cultures in order to increase intercultural understanding and strengthen the peace on our planet.

promote fair exchange between budget travellers, language learners or culture seekers and families, individuals or organizations who are looking for help with a range of varied and interesting activities.
Workaway.info have hosts listed in Italy, ranging from farmhouses in the countryside to charming houses close to the Italian lakes.

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