San Gimignano Italy’s Medieval Manhattan town in Chianti Tuscany
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San Gimignano is one of the most iconic and recognizable destinations in Tuscany. In every corner of the world, there lives someone with a dream to visit this ancient village and to feel the experience of stepping into a perfect Medieval postcard.
A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990, San Gimignano, also called the “Manhattan of the Middle Ages,” owes its fame to the incredible quantity of towers that rose above the rooftops of the small town, as many as 65 during the days of the town’s heyday.

San Gimignano is 50 kilometers southwest of Florence, owes its almost pristine medieval appearance to a combination of location and neglect. At the height of the Middle Ages, the Via Francigena, which passes through San Gimignano, was the main route of pilgrims traveling to Rome.
It was also the main trade route, useful for transporting the local saffron to profitable markets.
Bell tower piazza della Cisterna Palazzo Comunale Palazzo del Popolo Torre Grossa Clock Tower Rocca Church of Sant'Agostino Podesta's Palace Civic Museum Medieval Criminal and Torture Museum.

Climb the Torre Grossa Torre Gross, the tallest tower at 54 meters (177 feet) in height and dating from 1298, is the only tower open to the public. Climb to the top for views over the picturesque countryside.

DRINK Vernaccia di San Gimignano is a crisp white wine with citrus fruit flavors.
When you think of Tuscany, you probably think of Chianti.
But the vineyards around San Gimignano produce the white wine grape Vernaccia, so famous it was even mentioned in Dante’s Inferno.
The world-famous Gelateria di Piazza is right in the center of Piazza della Cisterna and has a variety of creative flavors like saffron or pink grapefruit with sparkling wine.

Shops and boutiques built right into the stone walls line the alleys of San Gimignano.
You’ll find specialty food, wine, leather, and ceramic shops.
Fine Italian leather can be found for much less than in nearby Volterra or Florence.

Centro Storico: Piazza della Cisterna and Towers
Santa Maria Assunta
Palazzo del Pópolo and Torre Grosso
City Walls and Gates
San Gimignano 1300
Casa Campatelli and Tower
Santa Chiara Museum (Archeological Museum and Herbarium)
San Iácopo
The Chapel of Santa Fina in San Gimignano
San Gimignano Cathedral
Civic Museum of San Gimignano
Torture Museum in San Gimignano
Rocca di Montestaffoli in San Gimignano

What to eat and drink? Vernaccia and Saffron are the two typical products of San Gimignano, famous all over the world.


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